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For real-time data it has SignalR endpoint offering WebSockets, LongPooling etc protocols.

The project hosted at (and other URLs, keep reading for more info)


There is Swagger 2.0 documentation ( to let you very easily generate client-side proxy classes. Do have a look at
This saves a lot of time when you want to generate proxy classes for very first time. But this is not an obligation. Everything might be done without this step.


titleFirewall setting you suggested to set up

IP list from where it can connect to your MT4 servers are:

MS Azure cloud in Western Europe:

Mirrors hosted around the world: - Germany, - Singapore,

Cloud - https://cloud.


We run (in test mode) a swarm of WebAPI Web API instances to archive few goals:

  • geographical distributed instances for minimize delay in communication between caller and server
  • multiple instances must gain up uptime
  • spread the load over multiple servers
  • if any instance down, you get IP address of another instance automatically. It is a matter of second when systems reacts.

All above made possible by DNS traffic manager, if you try to get IP of domain name - you will get IP address of instance, which is closest (geographically) to you (with least ping).

We analyze regularly analyse usage and can run additional server in the region of customer, who can get real benefits of that.