This is a family of cloud-based web applications distributed using software as a service (SaaS) model. You don't have to download and install anything on your server. Everything can be done through web browser.

Here the list of web parts:

  • Admin portal - the site where you register for very first time, manage MT4 servers, accounts, credentials, etc;
  • RESTful/WebSockets JSON WebAPI for MT4/MT5 applications developers;
  • [discontinued] Analytics - statistical tool for dealers/managers to get overview your traders activity;
  • - authentication server (JWT and OpenID);
  • [discontinued] Client area - for traders to manage their MT4 accounts, make money transfers, etc;
  • - number of tools like:
    • trade accounts risk management;
    • quotes monitoring;
    • plugins management;
    • apps and dealing apps management;
    • business analytics;
    • etc

Authentication + Authorization build on top of IdentityServer4, making possible to store user accounts centralized and then get authenticated and authorized using OpenID and OAuth respectively.
Authentication server URL: 


All these applications uses Single Sign On authentication ideology, once you get registered you can use your single login and password pair to access all applications mentioned above.

Do not share your credentials with anybody to avoid unrestricted access to your data.

Entities to be explained before you start

Organization (workspace)

Organization is a logically linked group of resources: users, trade platforms, settings, credentials, etc. 

Any user can be participated to one or many organizations. After you complete registration at very first time it will create empty organization for you and promote you to be an Administrator of this organization.

You can invite other users to join your organization, and you can manage what permissions this user will have there.

You can invite even those who're not have an account yet.

Trade platform

'Trade platform' is a general name for different kind of real trade platform like MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5. 

For example, WebAPI will use (MT4 or MT5) Manager API credentials which you can set up through Admin portal.


This is a real human account registered within system, a pair of email + password. Each person shall use its own account for security purposes.
Rule of thumb is not to share your account with anybody, plus, it is very easy to have as many accounts within organization as you wish.


This is account for computer to computer communications, which will be used by your software. System will generate hard to remember identifier and password, so keep it in secure place.

Quick start

  1. First of all, to start using any of service mentioned above you should register first. You can open any link above and click on "Register" button (if you haven't registered before). Then enter your email, this is enough because system will generate password for you and send to your email.
  2. After initial registration new organization will be created for you. You become and administrator of this organization. To manage newly created organization click on your name on top right corner then chose "Manage organization list" option.

    1. You can adjust its name for better looking.
  3. Then you shall add your trade platforms to the list. Navigate to "Admin" portal and go to "Trade Platforms" section.

    1. Here you can add as many trade platforms as many trade platforms you have within your organization (legal entity for clearance).
      1. "Edit" button lets you rename trade platform and chose API to use with
      2. "API" button lets you enter IP and ManagerAPI credentials for selected trade platform.
      3. "DB" button lets you enter IP, login and password for MySQL database containing data which populated by MetaQuotes report server (at minimum) and by our own in-house tool which saves additional tables from MT4.
  4. You can add more users to your organization in "Users" section
  5. To manage API clients there is "Clients" sections.

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