This is RESTful JSON WebAPI to manage MT4/MT5 servers from any HTTP-enabled client.

For real-time data it has SignalR endpoint offering WebSockets, LongPooling etc protocols.

The project hosted at

There is Swagger 2.0 documentation ( to let you very easily generate client-side proxy classes. Do have a look at
This saves a lot of time when you want to generate proxy classes for very first time. But this is not an obligation. Everything might be done without this step.

How to use

First of all you have to be registered within system.

If you don't have registration and would like to create new organization item from scratch than you can navigate to any website from the list and pass steps mentioned there:

Then navigate to → Clients and create api account for your application. Remember login and password, you will not be able to get it later.

When you get client id and secret you can pass authorization step (which explained in another section) and start working with WebAPI (JSON and SignalR endpoints).

WebAPI hosted in MS Azure cloud.
IPs from where it will connect to your MT4 servers are: