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Main reason for developing this product was to minimize load to MT4 server when you need deep history trading report and ability to generate any complexity reports.

Requesting simple reports from MT4 most of the time not enough. Furthermore, it takes some time which involves (little) delay in execution during high volatility market. MetaQuotes developed great Report Server to copy most data from MT4 to MySQL database. And our Analytics uses this database instead of direct connection to MT4 server.

Analytics contains reports about closed positions result, open positions, balance operations, etc.

To filter out unneeded clients there is a feature - filters. Filters exposes an ability to include or exclude orders and traders in very useful way. By default you will see all traders and their orders by getting reports. To manage filters click on filter selector (third button from the right in the navigation bar on top) and then to "Manage filters". 

It uses MySQL database which must be synced with MT4 all the time by MetaQuotes Report server. Plus, from our side we will write few more additional tables to the database to let Analytics works in full power. You shall inform us to start doing this to let you use Analytics.

The link is:


Standard fee is EUR 400/month for first MT4 server. Each additional costs 100 EUR/month.

We can install one or both report servers (MQs and ours) to our server with no charge.

MySQL server can be deployed either on third party (Amazon or Azure at additional fee client willing to pay) or on client's own premises (no charge or course).

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